On display from 23 June 2023 to 31 March 2024

Maastricht 1673 - the Sun King conquers the city

2023 marks 350 years since Maastricht was besieged and conquered by the French Sun King Louis XIV. An excellent opportunity to tell the hidden stories of Maastricht history around 1673. The exhibition and corresponding publication showcase both established as well as the very latest insights into a crucial moment in European, Dutch and Maastricht history.



A newly discovered, detailed original map by cartographer John Scott really stands out as the exhibition showpiece. The map shows the encampment of the Sun King and the place where D’Artagnan fell, amongst other points of interest. In the exhibition, various characters and special objects also illustrate the different perspectives of this siege.

It is of eminent importance to report on events such as this one, and to continue to study them, looking for answers, and to unveil what remained hidden or forgotten about Louis XIV’s siege of Maastricht.


Book Maastricht 1673 - the Sun King conquers the city

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