General terms and conditions for visitors

Maastricht Museum

1.    Definitions

1.1.    Maastricht Museum: the museum spaces open to the public in the Centre Céramique Building.  
1.2.    Building: the physical Centre Céramique Building located at Avenue Céramique 50, 6221 KV in Maastricht, including the outdoor space.  
1.3.    Visitor: any person who, with or without a valid Admission Ticket, enters the Maastricht Museum, both for a regular visit as well as participation in an event both during and outside of regular opening hours.
1.4.    Admission Ticket: an entrance ticket (whether or not in combination with a discount card) or similar proof (such as a written invitation or voucher) that grants access to (specified) room(s) and/or an event at Maastricht Museum.
1.5.    Officials of Maastricht Museum: all natural persons working in and around the Maastricht Museum on behalf of Maastricht Museum or Centre Céramique.
1.6.    Goods: all Goods, including monies, monetary values and negotiable securities.

2.    Applicability

2.1.    These General Terms and Conditions for Visitors apply to any agreement between Maastricht Museum and a Visitor (and to all actions involved in the fulfilment of that agreement
2.2.    These General Terms and Conditions for Visitors apply to all Visitors to Maastricht Museum and to all Maastricht Museum events.
2.3.    Deviations from these terms and conditions are valid only with the consent of Maastricht Museum if expressly agreed upon in writing.

3.    Purchase

3.1.    The agreement between Maastricht Museum and the Visitor is established at the time the Visitor purchases an Admission Ticket for Maastricht Museum or a Maastricht Museum event.  
3.2.    Admission Tickets and event tickets may be purchased in advance on; any offers by the customer will be considered made once the customer has completed the order form and sent it electronically to Maastricht Museum by clicking ‘pay’ during the order process. The agreement between the customer and Maastricht Museum takes effect at the time Maastricht Museum sends an email confirmation to the customer.
3.3.    Payments for online purchases must be made using one of the payment modules (including iDeal) as offered from time to time by Maastricht Museum’s payments service provider. Payments are subject to the general terms and conditions of the relevant bank and payment module.
3.4.    No discounts will be granted after the Admission Ticket has been purchased.
3.5.    Maastricht Museum cannot guarantee the receipt of an Admission Ticket purchased online. If a Visitor has not received an Admission Ticket, they must notify Maastricht Museum of this in a timely manner. Timely in this case means at a time before the visit is due to start so that Maastricht Museum can issue a new Admission Ticket. If the Admission Ticket was purchased from Maastricht Museum, the Visitor will receive a new Admission Ticket. The Visitor has the burden of proof to show that they purchased the Admission Ticket from Maastricht Museum. If no evidence can be presented, Maastricht Museum is not obliged to provide the Visitor with a new Admission Ticket.
3.6.    Maastricht Museum reserves the right to change its prices.  

4.    Admission to Maastricht Museum

4.1.    Entrance to Maastricht Museum or any Maastricht Museum event may only be granted upon presentation of a valid Admission Ticket.
4.2.    Children under the age of 12 will only be admitted to Maastricht Museum when accompanied by an adult.
4.3.    The holder of the Admission Ticket who shows the Admission Ticket first will be granted entry. Maastricht Museum assumes that this holder is also the holder of the rights and is not obliged to investigate the validity of the Admission Ticket and/or the identity of the holder.
4.4.    The Visitor will be denied (further) access to Maastricht Museum if it appears that the Admission Ticket was not issued by Maastricht Museum or a body Maastricht Museum has charged with this responsibility.
4.5.    The Visitor will present the Admission Ticket to Officials of Maastricht Museum at their first request, failing which Maastricht Museum may deny the Visitor access to Maastricht Museum.
4.6.    Admission Tickets are transferable.  
4.7.    A Visitor may rebook an Admission Ticket prior to the date of the visit, changing it to a date up to 12 months after the purchase.
4.8.    An Admission Ticket is invalid if the date indicated on the Admission Ticket has expired.
4.9.    The Admission Ticket may not be resold for commercial purposes.
4.10.    Maastricht Museum is entitled to modify the normal opening hours to accommodate occasional drills held within the context of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Section 23 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of the Netherlands) or, in the event of an actual emergency, to a full or partial evacuation of Centre Céramique if this is deemed necessary. If, as a result, it is not possible to resume the museum visit on the same day, any such modification of the normal opening hours will entitle the Visitor to a replacement Admission Ticket for another date within 12 months.
4.11.    If Maastricht Museum has rescheduled an event, the Admission Ticket will remain valid for the new date on which the event will be held. Maastricht Museum may also choose to issue new Admission Tickets for the event if the event in question is rescheduled. In this case, previously issued Admission Tickets will no longer be valid. If the Visitor is unable or does not wish to attend the event on the new date, they will be entitled to return their Admission Ticket to Maastricht Museum for a refund of the Admission Ticket.

5.    Stay at Maastricht Museum

5.1.    The Visitor’s stay at Maastricht Museum is at their own expense and risk.
5.2.    During their stay at Maastricht Museum and the Building, the Visitor will conduct themselves in accordance with public order regulations as well as the rules set out in these General Terms and Conditions for Visitors. Visitors are also obliged to immediately follow any directions and instructions from Maastricht Museum Officials recognisable as such. If, in the opinion of this Official, a Visitor acts in violation of these regulations, standards, directions and instructions in any way, they may be denied further access to Maastricht Museum with immediate effect, without Maastricht Museum being liable to pay any compensation for damages.
5.3.    Parents, teachers or supervisors are responsible and accountable at all times for the behaviour of minors, individuals or groups they supervise.
5.4.    In the event of an emergency, such as the sudden disappearance of an object, a malfunction of technical systems, an attack or violence of any other type, Maastricht Museum is entitled to close the doors and guide any Visitors present outside one by one. The Visitor may then be requested to cooperate with a search of their bags by or on behalf of the Maastricht Museum Officials. If the situation demands it, Maastricht Museum will get the police involved.

6.    General house rules of Maastricht Museum

6.1.    Once at Maastricht Museum, Visitors will refrain from:
a. disturbing other Visitors, including yet not limited to obstructing their view of exhibited objects for an extended period of time or by causing noise nuisance including the use of mobile phones and other sound equipment;
b. bringing domestic or other animals with them except assistance dogs;
c. smoking;
d. consuming food or beverages;
e. touching exhibits unless expressly and explicitly permitted; parents, teachers and other supervisors must strictly monitor to ensure that exhibits are not touched by minors, individuals or groups they are accompanying;
f. taking photographs, making video and film recordings other than those provided for in Article 8.1;
g. offering Goods of any kind for sale, or providing them free of charge to third parties.

7.    Refunds

7.1.    Maastricht Museum will never issue a refund to a Visitor in the event of:
a. loss, theft or misuse of the Admission Ticket before the Visitor has entered Maastricht Museum;
b. the potential Visitor’s failure to use the pre-purchased Admission Ticket;
c. the refusal of admission to Maastricht Museum;
d. objects from the permanent collection of Maastricht Museum not being on display;
e. the partial closure of Maastricht Museum, including yet not limited to, partial closure due to the construction or dismantling of exhibitions;
f. nuisance or inconvenience caused by other Visitors;
g. damage caused by other Visitors;
h. nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance work, including yet not limited to, remodelling or (re)furnishing of rooms;
i. nuisance or inconvenience caused by the improper functioning of facilities at Maastricht Museum.

8.    Photo, video and film

8.1.    Visitors are permitted to take photographs and make video, and film recordings in Maastricht Museum unless otherwise indicated on-site, such as due to stipulations by people loaning objects to the museum. Photographs, video and film recordings may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.  
8.2.    It is not permitted to use lights, flash equipment and/or tripods (including selfie sticks) when making photo, video and film recordings.  
8.3.    The making of photographic, video, or film recordings other than for reasons/purposes set out in the provisions of Articles 8.1 and 8.2 is only possible with the written permission of Maastricht Museum. Any requests for permission must be submitted in writing at least one week in advance to the Marketing & Communications Department at​​​​​ Permission must also be requested from the person(s) portrayed. Since minors are not legally competent, they may not be photographed without their legal guardian’s consent.

9.    Lockers, cloakroom and lost and found

9.1.    Coats, rucksacks, bags larger than A4 size, umbrellas and other large objects are not allowed in Maastricht Museum. Visitors must stow these objects in a locker and/or check them in the cloakroom. The use of a locker and/or the cloakroom is at your own risk. Maastricht Museum will not accept objects for safekeeping that do not fit in a locker.  
9.2.    Visitors must take all items kept in a locker and/or checked in the cloakroom with them before leaving the Building. After closing time, any lockers that are still locked will be opened by Maastricht Museum.
9.3.    Any objects found by Visitors in Maastricht Museum may be given to an Official or handed in to the Maastricht Museum reception desk.
9.4.    Maastricht Museum will only hold forgotten or found items for safekeeping temporarily. In the event the alleged owner of a forgotten or found object contacts us, they will have the choice of collecting the Goods themselves, or having them sent to them cash on delivery (COD). In both cases, the owner must be able to present proper identification. Should Maastricht Museum have any doubts as to the status of the alleged owner, the Museum is entitled to demand proof of ownership. Maastricht Museum reserves the right to destroy any forgotten or found objects that have not been claimed and collected after three months.  
9.5.    Maastricht Museum assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of Goods placed for safekeeping or forgotten by the Visitor.

10.    Privacy

10.1.    The careful treatment of Visitors’ personal data is of great importance to Maastricht Museum. Maastricht Museum processes personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  
10.2.    Maastricht Museum regularly commissions third-party photography and film companies to cover the Maastricht Museum Building for reporting purposes. This material may be used for publicity purposes on the website, in leaflets and so on. If a Visitor objects to the publication of visual materials in which they are recognisable, the Visitor may notify Maastricht Museum of this fact.
10.3.    Maastricht Museum has installed camera surveillance equipment in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Camera footage will be made available to the police if Maastricht Museum deems this necessary.
10.4.    Maastricht Museum’s full privacy policy is published on​​​​​

11.    Liability

11.1.    Visitors are liable for any damage they cause to the Maastricht Museum Building and the collection contained therein.
11.2.    Maastricht Museum will only be liable for damages suffered by the Visitor that are a direct result of gross negligence or intent on the part of Maastricht Museum, up to a maximum of the amount paid out by Maastricht Museum’s insurer to Maastricht Museum in compensation for the damage, or the compensation paid out by a third party to Maastricht Museum in respect of that individual loss suffered by the Visitor.
11.3.    Liability of on the part of Maastricht Museum for indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost profits, wages, missed savings, etc., is excluded at all times.

12.    Force majeure

12.1.    Maastricht Museum is not liable for damage suffered by the Visitor that has arisen as a result of force majeure events affecting Maastricht Museum. 
12.2.    In cases of force majeure, Maastricht Museum has the right to reschedule an event on a later date or cancel the event.

13.    Complaints procedure

13.1.    Visitors may submit complaints by sending an email to or by filling out an appropriate form available from the Maastricht Museum reception desk.  

14.    Other terms and conditions and applicable law

14.1.    These General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and the agreement between the Visitor and Maastricht Museum are governed by the laws of the Netherlands.
14.2.    Any disputes arising from the agreement between the Visitor and Maastricht Museum will be submitted to the competent court in Maastricht for adjudication.
14.3.    Maastricht Museum reserves the right to unilaterally change the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors.  


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Wim Hupperetz, director