Book: Maastricht 1673 - the Sun King conquers the city

By Luc Panhuysen, Wim Hupperetz, Marianne Lubrecht and Astrid Smeets. With a foreword by Mathieu Segers.

1673 is an important year in Maastricht history as it was the year the city was captured by the armies of Louis XIV, the Sun King, who was also present during the siege of the city. What happened before the siege of Maastricht, during the Rampjaar (Disaster Year) of 1672, and what led to the city’s surrender, an occasion celebrated in grand style in Paris? Known for the book and television series Rampjaar 1672, Luc Panhuysen describes the run-up to and the spectacular course of the attack as well as the strategies deployed by Louis XIV and the army of the ‘Republic of the Seven United Netherlands’.


The swift and glorious capture of Maastricht brings about a strategic-military reversal that the Sun King hadn’t anticipated. The account of the devastating attack is placed into context in the stories of three individuals associated with the battle: Willem Norwood, a high-ranking State officer, the world-renowned musketeer D’Artagnan, and the adventurous cartographer John Scott. The unique discovery of a multilingual map detailing the siege of a fortified Maastricht offers a new perspective on this important military event.

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