Dutch lecture: Honour, fame, and heroic deeds or foolish actions?

Presented by Stichting Maastricht Vestingstad
Sunday19 November | 3.00 - 4.00 p.m. | Centre Céramique

On this day, Jos Notermans will explain, in understandable terms, what transpired in the weeks leading up to the surrender of the Maastricht fortress.
​​​​​​​He will diverge from the well-trodden paths of the narrative and critically examine events. For instance, was the action in which d'Artagnan lost his life an act of heroism or perhaps a 'bit foolish'? How should we perceive the role of the illustrious Sun King, seated high on his horse, during this siege, and who truly earned this fame on his behalf?

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About the Speaker:
Jos is a correspondent for Maastricht and its vicinity for the Menno van Coehoorn Foundation and co-founder of Stichting Maastricht Vestingstad. He is active in the Schuilen in Maastricht working group and in the volunteer group at the former NAVO headquarters in the Cannerberg. He has been engaged in both words and actions in the history of fortifications and military history of Maastricht for over 45 years.

Jos has his own website about fortifications. Visit the site

Participation is free. You can make a reservation for this lecture at or call 043-3505600.

Centre Céramique | Avenue Céramique 50 | 6221 KV Maastricht