Sound of Maastricht sneak preview

Sound of Maastricht is a small preview of a future Maastricht Museum exhibition. The central theme is the importance and function of church bells and carillons, a phenomenon dating back centuries that is currently undergoing change.

Hidden stories of Maastricht

These days, churches are being used for different purposes, and bells are being removed from the towers. Slowly but surely, the bells are falling silent.

Four students and two alumni from the Communication and Multimedia Design program at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences got to work on this mission. Through the art of storytelling, they emphasise the importance of carillons and their sounds in Maastricht in an interactive and personal fashion.

Hidden stories of Maastricht

Frank Steijns is the official town carillonneur for the Municipality of Maastricht. He regularly plays the carillons at City Hall and the St. Servatius Basilica. The sounds of the carillons are intangible heritage that have been part of the soundscape of Dutch and Flemish cities for centuries. His mission is to ensure that these sounds of Maastricht become a protected city sound.

Curious? The exhibition is on view at the Maastricht Museum Annex until the 31ste of July 2024.